Benefits of Renting in Senior Independent Living

There are numerous options available today for seniors who want to downsize their residence. For those looking for a home with less maintenance and access to a community of peers, independent living is often a top consideration. But did you know it’s possible to rent an apartment or suite in a retirement community? Senior community rentals are becoming more widely known and in-demand. Here are some advantages to this type of living arrangement.

Financial Flexibility

Renting a residence in a senior community can be a smart financial move. One advantage is there’s no need to pay an upfront entrance fee as with buy-in living. In addition, renting lets you free up assets that may have been tied to home ownership and ensures your heirs aren’t left with the responsibility of selling your home.

Low Maintenance and Repairs

Renting also eases the costly burden of home maintenance. Upkeep and repair costs when owning a home can be quite expensive. When you choose to rent in a residential community, you’ll no longer need to worry about such expenses.

Fewer Responsibilities

Opting to rent in a senior living community not only lessens the financial burden of home maintenance, it also frees you from the time and energy required for such tasks. Senior communities offer a wide range of social activities and experiences you could be taking advantage of instead.

Flexibility and Mobility

Renting in a residential community allows seniors greater flexibility with regard to changing status. If additional care or support becomes necessary, you’re able to move without contract restrictions. Knowing you or a loved one has the freedom to make a move can be reassuring.

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