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Resident's Day - Our Care Philosophy

How Do You Wish to Live Here?

As integral to our foundation as our commitment to enriching the lives of seniors, our “Resident’s Day” philosophy is our promise that you will be cared for as an individual and will maintain your right to a voice and a choice in your ongoing care. At Park Place, we believe every day is Resident’s Day. We believe that partnering with our residents and their families is key to creating and maintaining an environment where each resident participates in designing the care they deserve. Our “voice and choice” commitment ensures that you or your family member’s voice will be heard, honoured and respected.

Our team is committed to building relationships with you and your family to better recognize opportunities to improve your quality of life. Resident’s Day is our commitment to providing personalized care; as your needs change, so will the support, services and care you receive.

A personalized care experience

At Park Place, we welcome you into our family and are honoured to become a part of yours. Our focus on creating personal connections with our residents and their families assists us in creating individualized care experiences for each of our residents. In addition to providing health care support, our care teams focus on learning about your personal history, interests, skills and abilities. We understand why you are here; but we want to know how you want to spend your time here with us.

A voice and a choice

We Promise to:

  • Recognize that you and your family are special and unique
  • Support you and your family to make decisions about the care and service we provide
  • Help you and your family to develop knowledge and understanding for the care and services you receive
  • Respect you and your family's choices, values, beliefs, and culture

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