Why Work With Seniors? The Joys and Rewards of a Career in a Seniors’ Living Community

Ever been curious about what a day in the life of a person who works with seniors looks like? From forging genuine relationships, to advocating for seniors’ health and well-being, working with the elderly comes with a wealth of opportunities and fulfilling experiences. From the healthcare professionals who offer seniors compassionate care, to the managers who support the operation of a seniors’ living residence or care facility, there are endless professional options to explore in the field. Keep reading to uncover them, and to deep dive into the joys and rewards of pursuing a career in a seniors’ living community.


Different Ways to Work with Seniors 

When it comes to finding a job in seniors’ care, there are a number of paid and volunteer positions to choose from. It’s a world of infinite possibilities, with options that span every stage of a person’s professional career. Here’s a small sample of the different roles and capacities that might inspire you to consider a career in working with seniors.

Volunteering: Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back, while also assessing if working with seniors is the right option for you. Whether you’re volunteering to gain valuable work experience, or are just looking for a way to make a difference in the community during your spare time, it’s bound to be a worthwhile endeavour. Seniors’ living communities in particular are always on the search for extra support with things like: event planning; recreational events; games/socializing; music therapy; pet therapy; reading to residents; and many more activities that enrich the lives of seniors. 

Health Care Professionals: The healthcare field is brimming with career opportunities for someone passionate about championing seniors’ health. Healthcare professionals can work with seniors as a: Health Care Aide; Occupational Therapist; Dietitian; Recreation Therapist; Geriatric Physician; Personal Trainer; Caregiver; Nurse/Nursing Assistant; and more. 

Management Roles: Working in a seniors’ home offers numerous opportunities for individuals to take on management roles. Some of the commonly found management roles in a seniors’ home are available in: Administration; Human Resources; Operations Management; Event & Activity Planning; Marketing & Communications; and more.

Service/Support Roles: Interested in advancing your career with Park Place Seniors Living? Explore our Careers & Volunteer page to learn about open positions and volunteer opportunities.

Now that you know about the range of roles that exist in the realm of seniors care, let’s delve into the joys and rewards that await those who work with the elderly.


Building Connections & Meaningful Relationships

Perhaps the greatest draw of working with seniors is the powerful relationships that are formed along the way. These deep connections transcend the boundaries of age, creating experiences that are meaningful for both parties. Seniors, with their wealth of wisdom and vibrant life experiences, can offer insightful advice and share captivating stories when they feel comfortable opening up. With a listening ear, and a compassionate attitude, those working with seniors can get a chance to view life from a refreshing new perspective. And while some interactions may seem small and insignificant in the moment, they can stack up to make a massive difference in the life of the senior being served.


Working in a High-Demand Industry 

There is no shortage of jobs when it comes to working with seniors. With economic conditions impacting many industries and businesses, and the advancements in technology replacing roles that were previously filled with people, finding a career path that offers stability can feel challenging. Because the demand for specialized care and services that meet the needs of the aging population isn’t going anywhere, working with seniors offers a reliable pathway to long-term job security. 


The Flexibility to Work Anywhere

With seniors care facilities and retirement communities in nearly every city, there are boundless opportunities to relocate and take your work wherever you go. This can be an incredibly empowering feeling for those who are ready to expand their geographic horizons and embrace new adventures in a different location. 


Appreciating Simplicity & Slowing Down

One of the most joyful aspects of working with seniors is the beautiful reminder that it offers to slow down and savour life’s simplest pleasures. Whether it’s sharing a conversation, admiring the beauty of nature, or enjoying the comforts of a hot cup of tea, seniors have a way of teaching us to pause and cherish each passing moment. This gentle way of life can inspire those who work with seniors to adopt a more patient, carefree attitude both on the job and in their personal lives.   



From the nurturing touch of caregivers to the expertise of nurses, the creativity of activities coordinators, and the wisdom of social workers, the spectrum of job positions available in the realm of seniors care is as diverse as the individuals it serves. When it comes to working with seniors at a seniors’ living residence or care facility, the joys and rewards are profound. Embarking on a career in seniors care comes with invaluable connections, life lessons, and meaningful moments that can make a true difference in the lives of the elderly while offering tremendous personal and professional enrichment.


Ready to learn more about working with seniors? Take your curiosity to the next level by exploring the exciting career and volunteer opportunities that await at Park Place Seniors Living. With over 40 locations across BC, Alberta, and Ontario, there’s bound to be a position that suits your talents and interests at a location near you. Our family-centred seniors care facilities and retirement communities offer employees comprehensive benefit plans, a generous vacation policy, endless growth opportunities, competitive wages, and more.