Park Place People: Big Support for Team Tee-Shirt Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge for our teams in long term care, assisted living, supportive living, and independent living. With teams in BC, Alberta, and Ontario, in both urban and more rural communities, we have learned so much together about pandemic safety and teamwork.

It’s been seven months since the pandemic was declared. Ever since, our Park Place leaders and frontline teams have been meeting strict protocols and high expectations. They have learned how to decipher and implement orders from Provincial Medical Health Officers; educate and keep calm their teams, residents and family members; and navigate a new reality on a daily basis.

A spotlight has been shone on seniors care over the past few months and Park Place teams have tirelessly worked to provide pandemic safety and the best care possible in these new circumstances. While more people in the general public are learning about what it takes to support and care for the seniors in our communities, what our family members and friends have always known is that Park Place People have ALWAYS been essential.

Early this summer, the idea of a team tee shirt recognizing Park Place People was floated. This would be a large undertaking with approximately 3500 employees on the frontline. Since the declaration of the pandemic, family members have been very supportive and appreciative. They have shown this through organized expressions of gratitude including drive-by parades, gift cards for staff meals, window painting, messages in the snow, and more. We decided to open up the opportunity for family members and friends of Park Place to sponsor this tee shirt initiative for our frontlines.

And did they respond? By the end of the summer, we had sponsorship dollars totalling over $13,000! This amount covered approximately half the cost of the tee shirt design, production, and shipping. The remaining cost is being sponsored by Park Place and owners, the Jina family.

This project is truly “From Our Family to Yours” in honour of the steadfast care from Park Place frontline Site Leaders and their teams from many backgrounds, in every department including food service, care, maintenance, housekeeping, and administration. It also recognizes our head office support staff, along with executive leadership.

During this pandemic, before and after, Park Place People are Always Essential. We hope this small token for our large team helps to connect everyone across the Park Place portfolio.