Mindful Aging: Practices for Cognitive Health and Wellness

Practicing mindfulness and maintaining optimal cognitive function can help older adults to enjoy their retirement years to the fullest. Selecting the right community for yourself or for a loved one can make a big difference in your overall quality of life and your experiences during retirement.

At Park Place Seniors Living, we enrich the lives of our residents with activities and opportunities to socialize that can keep minds sharp and engaged. Here are five ways to enhance your cognitive faculties for a more productive and positive experience during your golden years.

Physical Fitness Can Boost Your Brain Power

Yoga, swim classes and low-impact aerobics can improve health and can assist you or your loved one in the active aging process. These physical activities can improve circulation, reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues and can improve your mental health and cognitive processing abilities. Staying physically fit is an important key to better mental acuity as you age.

Online Brain Games Offer Proven Benefits

Studies have demonstrated the value of targeted brain games for seniors. The National Library of Medicine has published research indicating that cognitive apps can have a significant impact on performance and processing speed among older individuals. By taking the time to engage with these online activities, you can improve your cognitive skills to enhance your quality of life.

Social Interactions Can Keep Older Adults More Engaged

Making new friends and engaging in social activities can also improve brain function. Park Place Seniors Living offers a variety of opportunities for socializing and interacting with others in a friendly, relaxed and caring environment. We make it easier to make friends and to enjoy the benefits of close contact with other seniors.

Taking a Class Can Build Your Brain Power

Retirement is the perfect time to explore interests and learn new things. Whether you are an aspiring chef or are interested in learning a musical instrument, finding the right educational opportunities can help you build new cognitive pathways. Classes in meditation and yoga can also provide insights into mindfulness that can improve your overall mental sharpness.

Hobbies Can Build Cognitive Connections

Building models, playing chess or engaging in other popular hobbies can not only engage your mind but can also give you plenty of topics to discuss with others in your retirement community. Exploring these interests in a safe and supportive community can help you enjoy your retirement more fully.

At Park Place Seniors Living, we offer residential options that include independent living arrangements, long-term care and supportive and assisted living for older adults. If you are looking for the perfect retirement solution for yourself or a family member, contact Park Place Seniors Living today to discuss your needs and to schedule a visit.