Healthy Aging and Independent Living – 4 ways retirement communities can benefit your health

It finally happened. Your kids or grandkids said the word you’ve been dreading for the past 10 years “seniors home” (gasp!). You’re thinking I’m fully capable of taking care of myself, I don’t need to be in a home, I’m not old. And you’re right. You don’t need to be in a home. This is where independent living options come in. We can feel your eyes rolling but, hear us out! Independent living differs greatly from the traditional nursing care homes you likely grew up associating all seniors homes with. Independent living residents are retired, fully capable 65+ Seniors who are simply looking for more freedom. Freedom from household chores. Freedom from cooking every meal. Freedom to socialize and enjoy this time.

Far gone are the days of just “going into a home” – independent living communities have come a long way from that. You’re joining a community, eliminating stress, and finding more freedom by having support with day-to-day tasks. You’re simplifying your finances, letting go of responsibility, and making more time for good conversation. Getting the most out of retirement means getting the most out of your health. Here are a few ways independent living residences can improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Less stress, more freedom

Downsizing to an independent living condominium means downsizing your to-do list. Light housekeeping and laundry services are provided to residents, to offload tedious chores and responsibilities. You’ll also say goodbye to maintenance tasks such as landscaping and snow removal services, all included with your retirement living membership. Not only does this free up time you never knew you had, it also eliminates the financial burden of tracking household bills such as cable/wifi, hydro and gas, property taxes and utilities – with these now part of your inclusive monthly rate.

Safety in numbers

While living in an independent community means you still have full privacy in your suite, there is some reassurance knowing that if you missed an activity, a meal or other event, someone would notice. We never like to think of the worst, but the reality is being in an independent living community is an added layer of safety re-assurance for you and your loved ones. If you’re living with a spouse, support is just downstairs should you need it or if an emergency were to occur. This offers you peace of mind, and decreases stress and anxiety.

Social interaction benefits your mental and emotional health

Whether you’re single or happily married, we all need interaction with others. Enjoying the company of other Seniors is a healthy social, mental and emotional outlet you can experience regularly when living in an independent residence. Connect with others who are in the same stage of life over wine, walking the dogs or watching the game. Join social activities as you wish such as shopping trips, events and hobby groups. Enjoy quality, healthy, in-house dining with friends and family, with meals prepared fresh daily. Do as much or as little as you choose, knowing you have the freedom to choose how you spend your time.

More time for active living

When you eliminate the stress, the chores, the maintenance – forgetting to workout becomes a distant excuse. We don’t need to tell you that regular physical exercise keeps your mind sharp, and your body high-functioning – but maybe you never felt you had the time for it in the past. Now you do! Independent Living residences have regularly-scheduled fitness activities for all levels, including yoga, walking clubs and more. Focusing on your physical fitness helps your energy levels, your mood, and lets you show up for the important people in your life. Having a new workout buddy and being surrounded by other like-minded individuals may give you that extra motivation you’ve been looking for.

There’s no one size fit all approach to healthy aging. You know what will serve you best. Do your homework, know the options available to you, and keep an open mind. For more information on independent living options in your community, find a location near you today.