COVID-19 Updates

To our Families of Park Place Seniors Living

Today, more than ever, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our residents, family and staff. Our goal is to meet the highest level of recommendations, meaning, our infection control measures are in abundance of caution to ensure we are doing our part to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 within our care homes.

We have set-up a dedicated email address for any questions about Park Place Seniors Living and COVID-19 protocols and updates. This email address will be checked 7 days a week and we will respond 24-48 hrs from receiving the email. If possible, please identify the site you are inquiring about in the subject line so we can provide you with the most relevant information in a timely manner.

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Latest Updates

April 2, 2020

Our Proactive Response to COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control

To prevent the virus from entering our homes, we are committed to implementing all necessary precautionary measures.

  1. Screening
    • We are actively screening all staff, contractors, and essential visitors at the beginning of each shift or upon entry into the home and once again for staff during their shift. Active screening involves taking temperatures and asking if individuals are experiencing any symptoms that may be indicative of infectious disease.
  2. Visitors
    • To minimize the risk of transmission from external personnel, we are only allowing essential visitors at our sites. We define essential visits as compassionate visits for end-of-life care ONLY.
  3. Cleaning
    • We are continually implementing new rigorous cleaning protocols that meet and exceed provincial requirements. Daily strategies include cleaning and disinfecting high touch surface and common areas at a minimum of three times per day.
    • We are eliminating the use of communal items that can act as vectors of transmission. Examples include ice machines, water pitchers, and condiment baskets.
    • Each Site Leader/General Manager conducts daily “Walk Abouts” around the home to oversee and enforce effective cleaning practices.
  4. Dining
    • We are ensuring that physical distancing is maintained during meals. Due to the unique nature of each home, different practices have been implemented to achieve this goal. Examples include room service (for those on isolation), having two residents per table, and multiple seating times.
  5. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
    • We are constantly updating best practices for PPE based on the rapidly changing policies from different health authorities.
  6. Outbreak Plan
    • In the event of an outbreak, the COVID-19 positive resident will be immediately isolated and an urgent response plan will be implemented.
    • We will reach out to all families, via the primary contact, to inform you of the outbreak as well as answer questions.