3 Ways Independent Seniors Living Helps Out Society

Moving to an independent seniors living location may have some obvious benefits for seniors… ready-made meals, a connected community, 24/7 staff and security, but something you may not realize is that making the move to a seniors living location can actually benefit more than just you!

In a paper recently released by EngAge BC, Aging in Place,Better, EngAge BC lists several reasons why choosing independent seniors living can actually have a positive impact on the next generation. Here are just a few of the reasons they listed:

Moving to a Seniors Living Location is Good for the Climate

With climate change a lived reality, many of us are wondering – how can we make a positive difference on the environment? Living in a home with a smaller square footage is actually a great way to decrease your carbon footprint! 

According to Aging in Place, but Better: “Greater square footage is associated with higher greenhouse gas emissions and single-family homes with greater vehicle use…. [Plus] modern retirement buildings are often also more energy efficient.” This is great news if you’re a senior looking to pass down a better world to their kids and grandkids. 

Moving to a Seniors Living Location can Help with the Housing Supply

The affordability of housing has drastically changed over the past decade and many younger people are having a difficult time finding suitable housing. In fact, a recent report by the National Bank of Canada stated that an annual household income of $267,641 is now needed to afford the average house in the Vancouver area! 

One of the factors driving up the prices is demand. If you’re an older adult, making the move to independent living can actually be a great way to help the housing climate. When considering selling and moving, keep in mind that you could be freeing up housing so that younger families can find a home.

Moving to a Seniors Living Location can Protect the Health Care System

Our healthcare system is facing increasing stress and it can be difficult to access the services you need when you need them. But, with the move to a seniors living location you can actually reduce the demand on the healthcare system because they have in-built resources to help keep seniors healthier as they age!

Many independent living locations are equipped with 24/7 staff, health resources and partnerships, and accessible building standards – meaning that most of your health concerns can be addressed on site. Not only that, but because of on-site nutritionists, exercise classes, and social activities, independent living can actually keep you healthier as you age.  

Choosing the right senior living community can be difficult. If you’re considering making the move, come visit the Park Place booth at the Seniors Living Expo, Nov. 5-6 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, to learn more!

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