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Ready to move ahead but need direction? For the happy group above, Assisted Living at Park Place's Courtyard Terrace was the right answer. The following few pages will outline the options and help you focus your search. 

If you're researching seniors' residential housing, you may be confused by all the terms: independent living, retirement residences, memory care, complex care, assisted living, supportive living, intermediate care, long-term may have heard them all. What does it all mean? What are the services provided? What does it cost? What do I need, for
myself or for a loved one? How does anyone choose from all the options, either for oneself or for a loved one?

This section of the website will help you research the options and make a choice. Since we are all individuals, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. You can start by reviewing the types of care available: click here.

Or you can start to narrow your choices with the following questions.

Is the potential resident able to make independent decisions abour his or her life?

Residents who are able to live independently and who require either no nursing care or minimal care can choose independent/assisted living.

Independent/assisted living often includes served meals, housekeeping and social activities.


Does the potential resident require a secure setting and guidence in daily life due to memory loss AND/OR require access to 24/7 nursing care?

If yes, the best options are intermediate, continuing or complex care. Complex care provides more structure and a secure setting, to help residents who may have memory loss or who need help managing their lives. Served meals, housekeeping and activities are provided.


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