No two alike - just as these Park Place residents each crafted unique flower arrangements, their care at
Cerwydden Care Home in Duncan is personalized to match their preferences.

Resident's Day: Park Place's Unique Approach to Care

At the heart of Park Place Seniors Living is a care philosophy called Resident’s Day. Developed two decades ago at a time when many care facilities still adhered to rigid schedules, Resident’s Day was the compassionate answer to elder care pioneered by Park Place founders Al and Jenny Jina.

Resident’s Day is the Park Place Mission of enriching seniors’ lives translated into practical action. It is how Park Place transforms its seniors homes into what is truly a home for each senior, where each individual can choose how he or she wishes to live in the home. To achieve this goal while still providing residential care, we must understand our “client” well enough to discover his or her dreams and wishes.

The important question we ask each incoming resident - and/or family/friend - is:

How do you wish to live here?

Based on interviews with the resident and family, each residential care home develops an individualized Resident’s Day care plan, which is signed by the resident and/or family. The plan summarizes each resident’s wishes, wants and needs and is the basis for how the resident will live in the home. Instead of forcing residents to adapt to the care home schedule, staff adapt as much as possible to the resident’s schedule and preferences.

For example, a resident who loves to sleep in will not be wakened at 7 a.m. because the care home's scheduled breakfast is served at 7:30 p.m. Instead, that resident will be served breakfast on his or her schedule. The Resident's Day includes detailed instructions about food preferences, clothing choices or favourite TV shows or preferred activities. Care Aides then know that 'Mary' should be in front of the the TV in her room when her favourite show airs at 2 p.m.; that 'Charles' and 'Paul' love to play cards after dinner; that Susan loves to help set the table in the dining room and that William's favourite before bed treat is banana served with cocoa. Guided by the individualized Resident's Day document for each resident, care aides make sure these preferences are honoured.

Family and residents may revise their Resident's Day on a daily basis, as resident needs and tastes change. Each Resident's Day document is also formally audited, to ensure that directions within the plan are followed. Resident's Day is in addition to any medical or care requirements needed by a resident. It steps beyond care to recognize the individuality of each person.

Unique to Park Place, the concept of the “Resident’s Day” differentiates Park Place from other complex care homes. To further personalize resident care, a ‘Getting to Know You’ social history is obtained so staff can learn more about the resident’s rich past and life in the community.

It is this giving of a 'voice and a choice' to residents that enriches their lives and makes each Park Place site a true home for residents.

A similar philosophy governs the operation of Park Place assisted living residences, supportive living suites, and retirement residences for independent living . All have the same committment to putting resident needs first. Examples include the multiple meal choices at Greystone Manor; the social afternoon teas and Sunday brunch at Sun Village; or the packed calendar of recreational activities at The Wellington.

Park Place also tests its provision of service with internal audits; resident and family surveys ; and participation in Accrediation Canada and B.C. Seniors Living Seal of Approval external reviews. Achieving Accreditation at all Park Place complex care sites and the B.C.S.L.A. Seal of Approval at both Courtyard Terrace and Greystone Manor is proof that Park Place accomplishes its mission to Enrich the Lives of Seniors.


Resident smiles and family comments from our care homes

  • My sisters and brother wish very much to thank you from the
    bottom of each collective heart for all you and your hard-working
    staff did to take exceptional care of our father. You did it from
    the day he entered Cartier House and treated him with grace and dignity.

    - C.B.

  • indoorBowling
  • flower
  • I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart
    for the care that you give to my mom. It helps me rest
    easier at night knowing that she is being cared for. Being
    a caregiver can feel like a thankless job sometimes, but let me
    tell you, I couldn’t appreciate the work you do anymore
    than I do already. You are all angels. I hope that you all
    get some time during this holiday season to enjoy some
    quality time with your family. Thank you for the quality time
    you give to mine. - S.E.
  • Many thanks to all of you for your kindness,
    understanding, and wonderful care Dad received.
    I would also like to thank you for the friendship and
    kindness I received.  Your friendly greetings and
    willingness to help with any concerns I had was
    appreciated. - M.B.
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  • ladyreadingbooksmall
  • “My mother has been a resident of Pine Grove for over
    four years now, and I cannot express enough gratitude
    for the wonderful care she receives. My three brothers
    and I have watched over Mom carefully as she has
    always been a kind and gentle person, and we
    hoped that she would receive the same in her
    declining years since her stroke. We could
    not ask for more – what she has received is exceptional…”.
  • “Dad loved the laughter and the Hot Baths!
    Everyone knew he really didn’t like to eat much, however,
    he would tell us, the grub is damn good – we appreciate the
    love and dedication Dad received from you. We always felt
    welcomed and at home when we came to visit. We were
    always informed and given guidance…”.
  • mansittingoutsidesmall
  • KarenWithResidentsmall
  • “We, the children of J.W., would like to express our sincere
    thanks for your caring and concern during our trying time.
    Words cannot express our gratitude for your dedication.
    We appreciate the fact that everyone came to visit Dad,
    telling us that they enjoyed his company. The level of
    caring and compassion at Cartier House is exceptional.”
    - P, L, & N. W.
  • The following touching tribute was written in 2014 by the daughter of a resident at
    Piccadilly Care Home in Salmon Arm, B.C.

    For the Angels of Piccadilly

    I lived here a while, how long I don't remember
    I know my family came to see me,
    But in between, I remember angels.
    They were always near by if I called.
    They were gentle and kind and patient.
    They tried to make this place like my home,
    the place my family wished I could be all along.
    Now I believe in angels on earth, I lived with them a while,
    when I closed my eyes I felt their wings brush by
    I felt the wind of their hearts dry my tears, fly my soul to the heavens.

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